The Essenes





“Who were the ESSENES”                     


The The Essenes were a Jewish sect who worshipped Angels in                      
the morning and again in the evening and were
empowered with the power of Angels. The Essenes
performed many marvelous healings and miracles with the
power of Angels.
The Essenes were a third religious sect during the time of
Christ that lived away from the towns. Instead they lived in
simple communities. The Essenes practiced the seventh
day sabbath, believed in non-violence to all living creatures
and the sharing of all material possesions. The Essenes
were uninvolved in the politics of the Sadducees and
Pharisees and shunned publicity. Because of the discovery
of dead sea scroll material, this ancient sect and their
teachings are back alive. The dead sea scrolls were hidden
by this ancient people long ago in the caves of Qumram.
Josephus writing around 80 A.D. said that the Essenes
were Jews by birth but seemed to have a greater affection
for one another than they did for the Pharisees and
Sadducees. Their piety toward God was extraordinary.
They used no profanity. The Essenes were ministers of
peace and they spent a great deal of time studying the
writings of the ancients.


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