The Essene Gospel of Peace

Richard the Essene

I have been a practicing Essene for over 30 years now, a modern day Essene.
Many years ago I came across “The Gospel of Peace” by Edmund Szekely and fell in love with it. It became a series of gospels that the author found in the Vatican Library as well as in an Austrian library as well.

However, many biblical scholars dismiss these scriptures as a fraud with one of their requirements being that there is no reference to it by any established author. Well, these biblical scholars are not very scholarly as below is what Eusebius wrote about the Essenes. If you are not familiar with Eusebius- he was a Roman General who converted to Christianity and became a Bishop in Cesearea in Israel. He also documented the history of the beginning of the Christian Church. He was one of the original Biblical scholars of the time.


1(Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea, writing around A.D.300)

“Even in our day, there are still those whose only guide is Deity; ones who live by the true reason of nature, not only themselves free but filling their neighbors with the spirit of freedom. They are not very numerous indeed, but that is not strange, for the highest nobility is ever rare; and then these ones have turned aside from the vulgar herd to devote themselves to a contemplation of nature’s verities. They pray, if it were possible, that they may reform our fallen lives; but if they cannot, owing to the tide of evils and wrongs which surge up in cities, they flee away, lest they too be swept off their feet by the force of the current. And we, if we had a true zeal for self-improvement, would have to track them to their places of retreat, and, halting as supplicants before them, would beseech them to come to us and tame our life grown too fierce and wild; preaching instead of war and slavery and untold ills, their Gospel of Peace and freedom, and all the fullness of other blessings.”

So here in his article he DOES mention the Gospel of Peace. These scriptures are of common sense, they are easy to read and understand, they tell you what to do and not what not to do. There is nothing to argue about the meaning of. You just need to simply follow and you will start to receive blessings. Thats why I stayed with them, They are as old as Enoch himself as he was the one who brought these scriptures to the world many eons ago.

Don’t think you’ll receive blessings, don’t take my word for it, try it yourself for 30 days, and see what happens. Need any help or hints, drop me a line and I will help.

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