Was Jesus an Essene

There are many opinions but no actual conclusion of fact on whether Jesus was an Essene or not. He was a Jew, but what kind; there were mainly three types of Jewish traditions during his life. There were the Sadducees, the Pharisees and the Essenes.

But which one was Jesus. Lets look at some reference of History. Here is what Philo had to say on the matter: “Philo agrees that the Essenes gave humanity the greatest figures of antiquity: the latter prophets of John the Baptist, Jesus the Christ and John the Beloved Disciple.”

And than the is Edgar Cayce who was the most well known and respected Psychic of our modern time. Cayce not only stated that Jesus was Essene but that his parents, both Joseph and Mary were Essenes as well and brought up Jesus as Essene.

So there you have it, is there another prominent figure who can state otherwise. For Jesus was always at odds with both the Sadduccees and Pharisees. Are there any historical authors that say Jesus was a Sudducee or Pharisee. I have not come across any writings that state so.


Richard the Essene

I’m Jewish like Jesus


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