How to Cure Cancer Spiritually

Worship, worship, worship or praise, thanks and simple recognition of Spirit. I use the Angel of Sun and the Fire of Life for cancer remedies. Give thanks to the Angel of Sun for light and life each and every day for one hour each day. Don’t have an hour, make time, do 15 minutes in morning and 15 minutes at night before bed and just give thanks throughout your day when it is light and sun is shinning and recognize the source. Spend an hour a day in worship and you are guaranteed to receive blessings within 30 days, but trying to cure your own cancer is very difficult so what you do is find someone else who has this ailment and give them the Fire of Life or Angel of Sun and when you cure someone else of this dreaded disease you will cure yourself. Too simple, yes- when things are made simple they work. Worship above all else-everytime you do you are feeding your soul.


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