The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is one of the most important aspects of the Essene Philosophy. When the creation was young the Tree of Life grew thruout the world and grew higher than the clouds. They were giant trees with much spiritual power and presence. There are quite a few remains of the Tree of Life thruout the world. The most notable one is the Uluru Rock located in the Outback of Australia which if you look at it with open eyes looks like a tree stump. This rock is revered by the indigenous tribes of Australia, the Aboriginal people who honor the rock as a most sacred monument. It is about 2 miles in diameter and about 2-300 feet deep, its roots under the ground. What has happened to the trunk and the limbs of the tree no one knows. Tree stumps do turn into rock formations with time, many centuries of time. It is said to be 600 million years old.

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