Being Born Again

•Richard started on a Spiritual quest in the early 80’s after a bad relationship ended. He decided to try a number of Spiritual practices each for 30 days and if he felt nothing he would go on to another practice. He went through about 3 different practices with no results and than came across “The Essene Gospel of Peace” and put it to practice for the next 30 days and he felt something within that period so he decided to stick with it. It is a beautiful philosophy that just seemed to make common sense. You simply commune with Angels each morning and evening and practice the Holy Law, try to eat the Essene Diet which is not Vegan since it does include the milk of beasts. After a few months here is what happened to Richard the Essene:
•“I was in my foyer of my Mother’s house and was at peace and happy at the moment for no reason. Than I started to feel like a few raindrops on the top of my head. All of a sudden these raindrops seeped down into my body one by one – I think about three or four raindrops as I call them, total.
And then-wham, these drops exploded with such incredible joy – one – two – three and than the fourth. I was in total ecstasy. Than after about 10 minutes or so it subsided. Nothing in this world has come remotely close to what I experienced on that day many years ago. I will never forget it. Ever.”

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