What is worship and how do you actually perform it. Do you go to church or temple and worship. Can you say-I humbly do worship thee my lord, or something similar. What is the definition of Worship, it is simply-Recognition. To give recognition is to worship.

Have you ever observed a child looking for his or her mothers attention, and if the mother completely ignores the child, what happens; the child will cry, wheras if the mother gives the child her undivided attention, the child will be the happiest ever.

So to give God and his/her Angels recognition, and not some repetitive prayer that has no heart or meaning behind it, but to place your heart with true recognition, meaning, heart behind it is to truly Worship. Scriptures are good for they serve a purpose, but to truly worship, use your own words–that way it comes directly from your heart to Gods heart. There is no better or more powerful way to worship but through your own words.

Than, and only than will you start to receive Gods blessings. What do blessings feel like. Have you ever felt a tingling going up your spine when something very good that you have experienced. Well, it is similar but about 1000 times more powerful.

And when you learn to give blessings out to others, that is when true power comes into your life and you experience the most loving, joyous blessings ever.

So start to give God and his/her Angels recognition – perhaps for the air you breathe, the blood that flows thru your veins, the heart that beats, the strength to walk the earth. Stop taking everything for granted, and give thanks to the source of it all, and if you do this, you will not receive a good salary or perhaps gold, but you will receive blessings.

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