How to Feed your Soul

SOUL: Now to food for the soul. Unfortunately no one seems to teach this.
To feed the soul you need but give spirit recognition, and every-time you do, it feeds your soul and changes the soul from darkness to light.
You may ask how do you give recognition to spirit. Simply, Praise-Worship-Thanks-etc. Stop taking everything around you for granted and give thanks for the source of it all–GOD.
The Essene Diet for the Soul consists of performing communions on a daily basis every morning and evening. Doing this practice helps to feed your soul and after awhile you will start to receive blessings. The Communions remind you of all the different attributes of Life that you take for granted. They help you to practice the Presence. Practicing the Presence of Angels or God will help to feed your Soul like nothing else. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and see if it works. That’s all I did. Read the “Essene Gospel of Peace” Books 1-3 for further instruction.


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