Tree of Life

Go towards the high growing Trees,

And before one of them

Which is beautiful, high growing and mighty,

Say thou these words:

“Hail be unto Thee!

0h good living Tree,

Made by the Creator”.

In the days of old, when the Creation was young,

The earth was filled with giant trees,

Whose branches soared above the clouds,

And in them dwelled our Ancient Fathers,

They who walked with the Angels,

And who lived by the Holy Law.

In the shadow of their branches all men lived in peace,

And wisdom and knowledge was theirs,

And the revelation of the Endless Light.

Through their forests flowed the Eternal River,

And in the center stood the Tree of Life,

And it was not hidden from them.

They ate from the table of the Earthly Mother,

And slept in the arms of the Heavenly Father,

And their covenant was for eternity with the Holy Law.

In that time the trees were the brothers of men,

And their span on the earth was very long,

As long as the Eternal River,

Which-flowed without ceasing

From the Unknown Spring.

From Book 3 of Essene Gospel of Peace


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