Was Jesus an Essene

No, he was a Nazarene, but has nothing to do with the town of Nazareth as the city did not exist at the time of Christ, there is no archeological evidence to its existence. He belonged to a Jewish sect of Nazerenes, which were also the early Christians, just as the Essenes were. In fact, some scholars mention that the Nazerenes were a northern sect of the Essenes.

For the best answer to this; see what Edgar Cayce had to say about Jesus and his Parents. According to Cayce, Joseph and Mary, the parents of Jesus were Essenes and Jesus grew up as an Essene in his early years. He was always at odds with the other two Jewish sects at the time, the Sadducee’s and Pharisees. So no way did he belong to either of them.

Jesus the Nazarene.


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