Where are the Ten Commandments now?

I know exactly where they are now. And everyone else should know this now too. If you’ve ever read the old testament, Exodus or the Hebrew scriptures you should know this. Did not Moses get quite pissed off when he returned with the ten commandments. And what did he do, he threw then down and broke them into many pieces. The original Ten Commandments are on Mt. Sinai in about a thousand pieces by now. And why has there never been an archaeological search on Mt. Sinai for the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments as we know them today are not the original. Do you think a second copy would actually replicate the Original? I think not and doubt it very much. What do you think?

Reincarnation and the New Testament

Why is not reincarnation taught as truth per the teachings of the New Testament? I don’t understand why since there is a very specific reference to it, I imagine that the church missed it and forgot to edit it out of the scriptures. I believe it is somewhere in Corinthians and states: “You shall travel in birth again until Christ be formed in thee.” If this doesn’t support the truth of reincarnation I don’t know what would. So, unless you receive the Holy Spirit in this lifetime you will go thru another birth until you do. Than you will have eternal life and won’t have to die anymore. You’ve overcome death. That’s why Christ Jesus emphasized eternal life in his teachings more than any other teachings. It was the number one philosophy of Christ Jesus. And just wondering how many churches emphasize eternal life in their teachings. Peace.

What is the Christ

Well, when I look at this holy word, I see that it is but an abbreviation for the “Christened One”. One who has received the Holy Spirit in whatever terms you may define it. And no, it is not confined to one particular religion. It includes all religions but uses different words for its existence. And when you receive it, you will know it for you will experience such incredible joy that nothing in this world compares to it, not money, power, position, Nothing.

How to Raise your Vibrations

Well, if you are unfamiliar with vibrations, the higher your vibrations, the closer to spirit you are, the lower your vibrations, the closer to matter and the material world you are.

OK, so now to raise your vibrations quickly and higher and faster than any other method is this: Simply repeat the one word GOD silently to yourself one hour each and every day for 7-10 consecutive days and in the morning one day you will wake up with blessings surrounding you.

You can also repeat the word Buddha if your a Buddhist, Christ if Christian, Shiva if Hindu, etc. But all these words come from the one word GOD, the eternal creator, his name produces the Highest vibration in the universe.

How do I know, because I tried it and it works. You can do it while watching TV or a movie, while driving to work, there really is no excuse if you are serious about this subject.

There are two references that I came across on this subject. Both are spiritual treasures even though I settled on the Essenes. The reference material where it mentions this fact, the fact the GOD produces the highest vibration if repeated: in the “Course in Miracles” it is mentioned as well as in ” The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.”

But don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself and see if it has an effect on your vibrations. And it is not much of a sacrifice on your part. Stop arguing over the meaning of it all and start living it. Do it.

By Richard the Essene


Here’s a very simple form of meditation but also the Most Powerful method you can try.

Perform this meditation for 30 days and see what happens, don’t take my word for it-try it yourself and see. Prove to yourself if it works or not. Want to start receiving blessings, than put this meditation into practice on a daily basis.

Power Meditation


Richard the Essene

The Essene Power Meditation is based on a simple spiritual principle. And that is that the spiritual exists on a very high vibration and the material world exists on a very low vibration. Here you will learn a simple but powerful method to raise your vibrations.

The Power Meditation is actually a method of contemplation. Another words you will be using a mantra that you will concentrate on. Now I will tell you the most powerful mantra you can use . All words, all languages came into existence from one word and one word only. And that my dear friends is GOD. Now if you are uncomfortable in using this divine word as your mantra, I will give you a few options that work almost as well.

What the practice of Power Meditation entails is the repetition of the Mantra for one hour each day. But you may say I don’t have an hour. OK, how about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night. Set your alarm clock to get up a little earlier and go to sleep a little later. You can also just simply repeat this mantra throughout your day as your on the way to work or coming home from a busy day of work or school. So lets say you get to use the mantra for 30 minutes each day by practicing it every morning and every evening before bedtime. Than you will need but to ad 30 more minutes throughout your day. You can even do it while watching TV or listening to music or the radio.

This Mantra- the word GOD is the father of all other words in the universe. It also produces the HIGHEST vibration in the universe. So by constantly repeating it whether it be in silent contemplation or throughout your busy day, you are raising your vibrations. Do this for 7-10 straight days and in the morning you will wake up with a feeling of blessings surrounding you. And this is exactly what occurred to myself when I put this into practice. I did an hour each and every day for 7 days and when I woke up in the morning, things were different. I started experiencing blessings. Do this seriously, and you will experience the same. Just repeat the word GOD slowly in your minds eye while being silent.

OK, so what if you feel uncomfortable in using the Mantra GOD. So what is the closest word to GOD, it’s GOOD. So use GOOD as your mantra. GOOD will overcome and destroy evil. And another mantra you can use is but the HOLY LAW of the ESSENES,

“GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS, GOOD ACTIONS”. Repeat this phrase over and over in your minds eye and it too will raise your vibrations.

Take this seriously, and you will accomplish Peace. True Peace.

Peace be with Thee.

Being Born Again

•Richard started on a Spiritual quest in the early 80’s after a bad relationship ended. He decided to try a number of Spiritual practices each for 30 days and if he felt nothing he would go on to another practice. He went through about 3 different practices with no results and than came across “The Essene Gospel of Peace” and put it to practice for the next 30 days and he felt something within that period so he decided to stick with it. It is a beautiful philosophy that just seemed to make common sense. You simply commune with Angels each morning and evening and practice the Holy Law, try to eat the Essene Diet which is not Vegan since it does include the milk of beasts. After a few months here is what happened to Richard the Essene:
•“I was in my foyer of my Mother’s house and was at peace and happy at the moment for no reason. Than I started to feel like a few raindrops on the top of my head. All of a sudden these raindrops seeped down into my body one by one – I think about three or four raindrops as I call them, total.
And then-wham, these drops exploded with such incredible joy – one – two – three and than the fourth. I was in total ecstasy. Than after about 10 minutes or so it subsided. Nothing in this world has come remotely close to what I experienced on that day many years ago. I will never forget it. Ever.”

The Best Religion in the World

Why do I think the Essene philosophy is the best religion in the world? The number one reason is that simply, it has one law to follow, and that’s it. The HOLY LAW. What is simpler to follow than but one rule. It is also one of the oldest religions. It is a ancient Jewish religion but is much older than the 10 Commandments and Moses’s teachings. The Father of the Essene teachings is non other than Enoch. The great Prophet who lived to 365 years of age and unfortunately there is not much about him in the Bible. But here enclosed is what the Essene Scriptures have to say about him:


And Enoch walked with God;

and he was not; for God took him.

Upon the earth was no man created like Enoch,

For he was taken from the earth.

He was as the morning star in the midst of a cloud,

And as the moon at the full:As the sun shining upon the temple of the most High,And as the rainbow giving light in the bright clouds,And as the flower of roses in the spring of the year,

As lilies by the rivers Of waters,

And as the branches of the frankincense tree

In the time of summer,And as a fair olive tree budding forth fruit,And as a cypress tree which groweth up to the clouds.

The first follower of the Law was Enoch,

The first of the healers, of the wise,

T’he happy, the glorious, the strong,

Who drove back sickness and drove back death.

He did obtain a source of remediesTo withstand sickness and to withstand death;To withstand pain and to withstand fever;To withstand the evil and infection

Which ignorance of the Law

Had created against the bodies of mortals.

We invoke Enoch,

The master of life,

The Founder of our Brotherhood,

The man of the Law,T’he wisest of all beings,The best ruling of all beings,

The brightest of all beings,

The most glorious of all beings,

The most worthy of invocations amongst all beings,

T’he most worthy of glorification amongst all beings,

Who first thought what is good,Who first spoke what is good,Who first did what is good.

Who was the first Priest,

The first Plougher of the Ground,

Who.first knew and first taught the Word,

And the obedience to the Holy Law.

To all the Children of LightHe gave all the good things of life:

He was the first bearer of the Law.

It is written, the words of Father Enoch,

We sacrifice unto the Creator,The Heavenly Father,The bright and glorious Angels.We sacrifice unto the shining heavens,We sacrifice unto the bright, all-happy,

Blissful wisdom of the Holy Angels of Eternity.

Grant to us, Heavenly Father!

The desire and the knowledge of the straightest path,

The straightest because of the Heavenly Order of Life,

The Best Life of the Angels,Shining, all glorious.As health is excellent, so also is Eternal Life,

Both flowing from the Heavenly order,

The creator of goodness of the mind,And of actions of life performed for devotion

To the Creator of Eternal Life.We sacrifice unto the sovereign sky,We sacrifice unto the boundless time,We sacrifice unto the endless sea of Eternal Life.

We do invoke the most glorious Law.We invoke the Kingdom of Heaven,The boundless time, and the Angels.We invoke the eternal, holy Law.We follow the paths of the Stars,The Moon, the Sun and the endless Light,Moving around in their revolving circle forever.

And truthfulness in Thought, Word and Deed

Will place the soul of the faithful man

In the endless light of Eternal Life.

The Heavenly Father possessed me

In the beginning of his way, before his works of old.

I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning,

Or ever the earth was.

When there were no depths, I was brought forth:

While as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields,

Nor the beginning of the dust of the world.

When he established the heavens, I was there:

When he set a circle upon the face of the deep:

When he made firm the skies above:

When the fountain of the deep became strong:

When he gave to the sea its bound,That the waters should not transgress his Law:

When he marked out the foundations of the earth:

Then I was by him, as a master workman:And I was daily his delight,Rejoicing always before him,Rejoicing in his habitable earth,

And my delight was with the sons Of men.For eternity the Heavenly Father reigneth,He is clothed with majesty and strength.

He is from everlasting!

The floods have lifted up, O Lord,

The floods have lifted up their voice,

The floods lift up their waves.

The Heavenly Father on high

Is mightier than the noise of many waters,

Yea , than the mighty waves of the sea.

His name shall endure forever,

His name shall be continued as long as eternity,

And all the Children of Light shall be blessed in him,

And all men shall call him blessed.

Let the whole earth be filled

With the glory of the Heavenly Father,

The Earthly Mother,

And all the holy Angels.

I have reached the inner vision

And through thy spirit in me

I have heard thy wondrous secret.

Through thy mystic insight

Thou hast caused a spring of knowledge

To well up within me,

A fountain of power, pouring forth living waters,

A flood of love and of all-embracing wisdom

Like the splendor of Eternal Light.

So the Essenes is a much older religion than what is known today as the modern Jewish religions of our times.

The next reason the Essenes is such a perfect religion is that the practice of performing communions with Angels every morning and every evening but helps you to practice the Presence of God and his Angels which but is responsible act for feeding your soul. You will stop taking everything for granted that you see everyday all around you. And by doing so on a regular basis you will eventually start to receive Blessings, yes real Blessings when you perform the Communions with the Angels of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother.

The scriptures are easy to comprehend unlike other scriptures, the Essene scriptures tell you what to DO, and not what not to do. It is a Positive Religion.

It is not a very popular Religion, and many scholars do not accept the Essene scriptures as authentic.

I don’t really care, for these scriptures have worked, and worked for me. I do receive Blessings now when I perform the Communions and no one can take that away from me.

Peace be with Thee.

Richard the Essene

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is one of the most important aspects of the Essene Philosophy. When the creation was young the Tree of Life grew thruout the world and grew higher than the clouds. They were giant trees with much spiritual power and presence. There are quite a few remains of the Tree of Life thruout the world. The most notable one is the Uluru Rock located in the Outback of Australia which if you look at it with open eyes looks like a tree stump. This rock is revered by the indigenous tribes of Australia, the Aboriginal people who honor the rock as a most sacred monument. It is about 2 miles in diameter and about 2-300 feet deep, its roots under the ground. What has happened to the trunk and the limbs of the tree no one knows. Tree stumps do turn into rock formations with time, many centuries of time. It is said to be 600 million years old.

Steps for Becoming an Essene

The Essene Practice

There are certain steps to take to become an Essene. Simple steps.
First step is to:

1.Go to Book 2 of Gospel of Peace and read out loud as prayer “The Vision of Enoch” 3 times a day for 10 days.
2.After 10 days and you have completed Step 1 go to Book 2 of The Essene Gospel of Peace and read out loud the morning Communions with the Earthly Mother and her Angels in the Morning; and read out loud the Communions with the Heavenly Father and his Angels in the evening. This you are to do for 1 month. The morning Communions start with the Angel of Sun on Sunday Morning and the evening Communions start with the Angel of Power on Saturday evening. Be sure to use the spoken word.

  1. After 30 days and you have completed the Book 2 communions you are to go to Book 3 and repeat Step 2 with the communions in Book 3 of the Essene Gospel of Peace.
  2. After you have completed Step 3 and have become very familiarized with all of the Angels and their Communions you can now start the communions using your own words. When you use your own words it comes from the heart. It never loses its meaning as with a repetitive prayer.
    And the spoken word or communion, prayer is much more powerful than the silent one. Remember.
  3. Once a week read the “Sevenfold Peace” available in Book 2 of the Essene Gospel of Peace.

Graduation-The final step and Graduation comes when you start giving out the Angels to those in need. How do you give out the Angels? Only with your spoken word. Example: (“May the Angel of Life be yours”)
Also, a good practice is to say the “Tree of Life” prayer for one hour once a week which can be found in Book 3 under Trees.
The Essene Gospel of Peace books 1, 2, 3, and 4 are available by going to:

Essenehealer.org or Angelhealer.org

Diet –Try to follow the Essene Diet as best you can but don’t go crazy over it. The communions are much more important to focus on than the diet.

Simply eat more FRESH fruits and vegatables, grains, nuts, seeds and less meat. Milk products are ok as well.